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Here you'll find my sporadic (and sometimes nonsensical) musings about what we're up to here at TQE Headquarters, including special offers, competitions, new products, and up-to-the-minute info on which expensive piece of office equipment the kids have broken this time. (In the event of a lengthy silence on the blog front, you can safely assume they've set fire to my laptop, and resign yourself to the fact that you won't be receiving that splendid print anytime soon...)


Enjoy the madness, feel free to leave comments, share posts, or send cake.  We like cake.


Why Choose Etsy?

By thequeensenglishprints, Jan 22 2016 08:30AM

Selling online can be vastly daunting for a newbie… after all, it’s a big, big marketplace for your tiny little product – where do you even start? If we take a nostalgic little detour back to the good old days (I'm referencing the period of mankind’s existence which, dare I say it, pre-dates the internet) setting up a pretty shop-front on a high street with heavy footfall was your prize turkey – and if the rent was cheap and the locals were rich, even better!

Fast-forward to today’s e-commerce marketplace, and there are millions of would-be shopkeepers sitting in their front rooms competing for a spot on a global high street that’s already noisy, manic and hideously over-crowded. If you don’t have your SEO down, it’s unlikely anyone will ever find their way to the front door of your lovely little virtual shop, let alone step inside and browse through the goods.

But what if there was something even the unlikeliest trader could do to increase their chances of success? What if, just off that crazy, filthy global high street there was a stylish bohemian avenue that only the loveliest of shopaholics liked to frequent? An alternative little suburb where cheap imports, mass produced nasties and poor quality knock-offs were simply banned from sale, and serious shoppers were attracted by the guarantee of beautiful handcrafted goods and top-notch customer service?

Hello Etsy.

If you have never ambled through Etsy before, you’ll be unfamiliar with its concept of guaranteeing only to stock products that are beautiful, unique and full of love. Full of love, because nothing on Etsy has been put together by a piece of machinery on a production line far, far away… rather Etsy is reserved purely for the sale of products which have been individually handcrafted by skilled artisans, who love what they do so much, that they want to let the world in on it.

It’s without the cheap-as-chips Hong Kong imports of eBay, neither does it play host to the big brands of Amazon, so you needn’t compete against anyone you simply don’t have the arsenal to deal with. Likewise, as a seller on Etsy, you can rest assured that all the soul you’ve poured into your wholly unique product range will be entirely appreciated by your customers… who only turned left onto this bohemian little avenue in the first place, because they’re looking for exactly what you’re offering. And they can smell good cake.

So on Etsy, your competition is manageable, your potential customers are already looking for you, and your landlord is a great guy who wants you to succeed! Etsy itself provides a range of tools, guides, communities and money-saving offers to help you hit the ground running, as well as a fantastic dashboard that allows you to keep track of your shop’s performance on a daily basis, and make the appropriate adjustments.

And speaking of money-saving offers, as Etsy insiders ourselves, we at The Queen’s English Prints can offer you a very special helping hand if you’re looking to join us on the avenue – open your Etsy shop using this link, and list your first 40 products for FREE! If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re probably the kind of heart-and-soul trader that would fit right in with a pretty little shopfront beside ours… and you’re more than welcome to move in!

And of course, it goes without saying that you’re more than welcome to stop by our Etsy Shop any time you like. We’re always inside, and we do love company. And cake. It wouldn’t hurt if you brought cake.

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