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Welcome to the Printing Palace...


Here you'll find my sporadic (and sometimes nonsensical) musings about what we're up to here at TQE Headquarters, including special offers, competitions, new products, and up-to-the-minute info on which expensive piece of office equipment the kids have broken this time. (In the event of a lengthy silence on the blog front, you can safely assume they've set fire to my laptop, and resign yourself to the fact that you won't be receiving that splendid print anytime soon...)


Enjoy the madness, feel free to leave comments, share posts, or send cake.  We like cake.


Brand It Like You Mean It

By thequeensenglishprints, Jan 15 2016 08:30AM

I know what you’re thinking... ‘The Queen’s English Prints’. It’s a bit long-winded... a bit of a mouthful... what’s it all about? What’s with all the crowns and the pearls? Well, it started as a mere nod to the beauty of the English language or, as it is otherwise known in more regal circles, ‘The Queen’s English’. (You see where we're going with this...)

Here at the printing palace we specialise in typographic prints after all – and what’s typography without language? Words are quite literally our bread and butter, so we thought it only appropriate that we name ourselves after the most sparkling words in the realm!

It’s also not a lie that we’re a big fan of jewels, tea parties and corgis, so it just all made masses of sense. Earl Grey anyone?

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